Music is Passion

There’s a global awakening that’s been growing since 1995 when passion music was formed.

Coming off the massive success of Neon Steeple including multiple Grammy nominations and career-best radio success, Crowder returns with his sophomore album, American Prodigal. Leaning more into the roots and rock elements that helped Neon Steeple stand out, American Prodigal takes the worship leader to a new level that is unique to only Crowder. From the raw rock influences on “Run Devil Run,” to the worship inspiring anthem, “My Victory,” listeners are reminded of the lyrical honesty and unique blend of music influences that Crowder is known for.

I was born half Baptist (the East Texas, King James carrying, pipe organ, hymnal singing, Southern, type Baptist) and half Pentecostal (the Holy Ghost, jumpin’ and shoutin’, hand-waving, prophecying, Southern, type Pentecostal). Later, I was born again…



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One of the leading artists and activists within contemporary Christian music, Chris Tomlin is a successful singer and songwriter whose 2004 album Arriving has sold over 500,000 copies, and whose compositions “Holy Is the Lord” and “How Great Is Our God” are among the most popular contemporary songs in the world’s churches, being sung by millions of Christians at worship services every week. Born in Grand Saline, Texas in 1972, Tomlin grew up listening to country music and learned to play guitar from his father (Tomlin has cited Willie Nelson’s Stardust as a key influence). At the age of nine, Tomlin accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and at 14 wrote his first song of praise.

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From all outward appearances, Kristian Stanfill was like a lot of teenage kids growing up in the suburbs in the 90’s in a fairly typical American home. He went to church, loved music, and even taught himself to play guitar.


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Tulsa has long been a hub of inspiring musicians.  At TulsaGazette, we’d love to showcase local musicians and venues in independent channels.  We seek independent contributors to document events and share them online. Venues and Musicians can feature their events and promotional managers can provide bios.  Writers in the know can contribute articles about Tulsa’s rich musical history.  Musicians can show their schedules and allow members to request bookings.  We have more ideas and welcome yours.  Let’s create something interactive, fresh, and new!

TulsaGazette can also partner with locals who want to stream events online at TulsaGazette and other sites.  If you have an interest and experience with streaming videos, please contact the editor.

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